Purdue Students

Pictured, during a snow storm, are students sledding, here using a couch with runners as a sled. The College Republicans put out flags and a sign that commerates nine eleven and says we'll never forget.

Here a coed [poses in front of one of Purdue's many fountains as she prepares to do a run through. Pictured here is the renovated three story, peaked roof, brick Kappa Sigma mansion. Pictured are 60 lovely gals in white sun dresses in front of a sorority house holding up the greek letters Pi Beta Phi. Pictured on steps are the Purdue womens equestrian team.  There are almost 30 in the photo taken after a big competitive win. Here are new officers of all branches of service at their commissioning ceremony. Purdue's sailing teams boats are shown here against blue waters and a sky with cluds that set off its blueness. Here are a throng of anti-obama protesters in West Lafayette with Downtown Lafayette in the background. The Purdue ski club is pictured here on a slope of a Colorado mountain.

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