Harvard Students


Some green shirted Kappa Kappa Gammas pose doing charity work. 50 Delta Gammas pose under a blue and yellow arch made of hundreds of baloons after a successful rush. 60 Kappa Alpha Thetas pose after rush.  Each is adorned in a pink t shirt. A line of ROTC cateds are saluting in this photo with one female all smiles. a gaggle of red and blue t shirted students representing the Republican and Democrat clubs before a paintball match. America's oldest student club, the Harvard Republicans, hosting Newt Gingrich. Pictured are the Harvard sailing teams boats on the river with Boston's tall buildings in the background on a gray day. pictured is a classical music club performing in a shiney wooden panneled old building.Senior day assembly is a right of passage to graduation at Harvard.  Seated at an outdoor stage are hundreds of students and parents. Easter week at the Harvard Church are a big deal.  Seen is a pastor in a white robe lighting candals.

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