Harvard Campus


One of the arched gates to the Harvard campus pictured is brick sides with a peaked roof and an iron gate. Harvard yard is green with brick old buildings surrounding her. Memorial Hall is an auditorium that looks like a huge train station or arena of brick with a pennsylvania dutch roof line. This old statue of John Harvard looks out onto the yard. Harvard Church has a beautiful tall white steeple peircing a bright blue sky as you look up into the heavens. Harvard Inn is a good place to stay on campus.  It's a brick building with a rounded roofline. Massachusetts Hall (1720) is the oldest building in the Harvard campus.  It is brick with a Pensylvania Dutch roofline. Everywhere on campus you see these Harvard Crimson flags with the crest/seal. The interior of Annenberg Hall is shiney wood.  It's a dining hall that is said to have poor tasting food by some.

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