Fordham Campus

The landscaped flowered sign spelling out FORDHAM in white above red flowers. Martyr' Court is a green space surrounded by the Martyrs Buildings. Students relax in a lawn with a tall towered gothic stone building in the backgraoun. The administration building is stone with a lighter brick looking add on.  There is a white cupola on the roof og the 3rd floor with a cross on top. The new library is a rounded building of four stories that is basically stone and glass and seems to fit in with other stone structures near-by The gymnasium is on a hill and made of stone.  It's a square building with a peaked roof and a few cathedral type windows for decoration. The student union building is three story brick with 3 rounded top arches at its entrance Alpha Hall is a small structure which used to be a gate house  built out of the campuses native stone to test the stone for building the other buildings on campus. in a landscaped lawn, surrounded by hedges, is the statue of the Fordham Ram, there is a 4 story class building of stone in the background formerly a library itis a stone 3 story structure with a central tower of probably 6 stories with a flat roof

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