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White Chocolate Chip Brownies




Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Melt the butter and dark chocolate together in a large heavy based pan over a low heat.

In a bowl or large measuring jug, beat the eggs together with the fine sugar and vanilla extract.

Allow the chocolate mixture to cool a little, then add the egg and sugar mixture and beat well. Fold in the flour and salt. Then stir in the white chocolate buttons or chips, and the semisweet chocolate buttons or chips. Beat to combine then scrape and pour the brownie mixture into a parchment lined 12/9 baking tin.

Bake for about 25 minutes until you see the brownie's top dries to a pale brown speckle, and the middle is dark and slightly gooey, remember that they will continue to cook as they cool.

To serve, cut into squares while they are still warm and pile up on a large plate, sprinkling with confectioners' sugar.

Pack in a serve and seal container to transport to the game.

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