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Tailgate Omelets

A great way to make everyone happy at a morning tailgate is to let them order their omelet the way they want it. So here’s a great plan for Tailgate Omelets.
One 8 egg package egg substitute plus 8 large eggs
One 12 oz. package of Johnsonville breakfast patties
One green bell pepper cut into small pieces
Two packages of your favorite shredded cheeses (one white, one yellow)
One small shallot chopped
One cup chopped mushrooms of your choice
Cooking spray
Package or two of English Muffins
Butter or favorite substitute
Night Before - Break eggs into a bowl and whip the mixture gently just a few strokes with a fork. Pour this mixture plus the egg substitute into a ½ gal. milk bottle that’s been cleaned. Cap the bottle and refrigerate. Clean and chop all vegies the night before and place them into individual sealable plastic bags. Cook the sausage as per the package directions. Chop sausage patties and drain on paper towels. Place them into a sealable plastic bag. Refrigerate everything until placed into the food cooler on game day.
Game Day at the Tailgate Party
Take all your foods from the food cooler and put them into separate paper cups for easy access when making omelets. Cook the ingredients to be added to the omelet in one skillet and the omelet eggs in the other. Then just combine then as you flip the eggs. Use a Coleman oven with two gas burners.  Serve everything on nice plates with buttered English muffins, toasted in the oven or if you don’t have one, toasted on the grill.



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