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Beer pancakes


1 pkg. of complete (just add water) pancake mix
2 12 oz. bottles of beer
Sour Cream
Cooking Spray
Add two cups of your pancake mix to a large plastic mixing bowl.  Add one bottle of beer. Stir until the mixture is properly blended. Once the beer and powder are mixed, check the batter for the proper thinness. These pancakes are to be thinner than regular cakes so add more beer from the second bottle until you are satisfied. Place the batter into a large juice bottle with a pour top for storage overnight and transport to the game.
Spay a nonstick griddle and then place it on a burner. When the griddle gets hot, test it by dropping a little water on it (don't use the beer). If the water dances, the surface is hot enough. Pour your mix in small portions onto the griddle and turn cakes before they burn. When they have a lot of bubbles, they are probably ready to flip. They cook fast so be careful not to burn them. As the cakes come off the grill, serve them immediately. Drink the rest of the beer while you cook the cakes. (Makes 12)

Serve the cakes with Johnsonville breakfast sausage, and top with butter and sour cream. 



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