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Rank for 75th Percentile Scores of colleges on our (the Tailgater's Handbook) site.

  School SAT
1. Harvard 1590
  Yale 1590
3. Princeton 1580
4. Brown 1540
  Columbia 1540
  Dartmouth 1540
  Duke 1540
  Stanford 1540
9. Chicago 1530
10. Pennsylvania 1520
  Northwestern 1520
  Rice 1520

Explanation of 75 percentile numbers

The SAT data on this page shows SAT scores for the 75th percentile of students. But what exactly do these numbers mean?

Consider a college profile that presents the following SAT scores for the 25th and 75th percentiles:

The lower number is for the 25th percentile of students who enrolled in (not just applied to) the college. For the school above, 25% of enrolled students received a math score of 520 or lower.

The upper number is for the 75th percentile of students who enrolled in the college. For the above example, 75% of enrolled students got a math score of 620 or lower (looked at another way, 25% of students got above a 620).

For the school above, if you have an SAT math score of 640, you would be in the top 25% of applicants for that one measure. If you have a math score of 500, you are in the bottom 25% of applicants for that measure.

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