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Wednesday 9-27-17 all about Colorado

Jim Hall -My wife and I were at Pikes Peak, Garden Of The Gods, and a couple of other venues on Sept. 19th and 20th. Had dinner with Dave And Karla Dickey on the evening of the 30th and left for home on the 21st. Had a great time in Colorado Springs.

Allen Bates -I want to thank George for the well planned two days in Colorado springs. It was very, very enjoyable. Thank you George.

Saturday 8-12-17 Jim McGroarty - "Thanks for all that you do!! I really appreciate your link to our history! Sorry I missed the reunion in July."

Wednesday 8-9-17 Jim Nelson '61 asks for help finding a friend..."My brother John would like to get back in touch with his best friend from school days, Keith Hundt. They were in the class of 1966. I know there were two women from that class at the Mini-reunion, but I didn't know that at the time and didn't know them from before. Do you know of anyone in that class that might have a contact list? I could give them John's contact stuff to forward to Keith, in case they won't do it the other way around."Send us your helpful information on this secure form and we'll forward it to Jim.

Wednesday 7-26-17 Jim Nelson '61 writes, " Doug Wilson and I took a 4-mile hike Monday in the Indiana Dunes State Park. Weather was ideal -- not too hot, gentle breeze. First photo is Jim on the shore. Second photo is Doug standing near a blowout. Doug and his wife are the co-owners of O'Gara & Wilson Antiquarian Books on Broadway, in the old Nickel Drug Store building." See Jim's Photos by clicking here.

Monday 7-24-17 John Logan '62 said,"Hi Joe--I enjoy your site.  Thanks  John Logan"

Allen Bates '61 sais, "Ray, I'm jealous!! We did the Cape Horn cruise in January. Had planned to post a picture but the right circumstances didn't develop. A passenger got severely ill and the ship had to alter course to get him to land. He in fact did pass away but the whole cruise itinerary and timing was affected. So in order to keep all scheduled ports but one Princess dropped the Falklands. And that was where we wanted to get pictures of us and the penguins to post. But it didn't happen so I didn't post anything. But here's a couple from Ushuaia. Later on Princess refunded 100% of the cost of the booking which kept most people happy. Several times I considered the side trip to Antarctica but couldn't quite squeeze it in. And after May of '18 my bucket list will be empty." Here is a link to Allen's photos.

Saturday 7-22-17 Ray Carmody '61 "I'm sending three photos. Two from my visit to Fran and Peter Hancock in Victoria, BC and the other is of Carol and I in Antarctica." See these photos by clicking here.

Thursday 7-20-17 Frances Howes Hancock '61 "It looked as though everyone was enjoying themselves at the Mini Reunion and I regret missing it.  We just sold our house on 11 acres in Victoria (BC) so downsizing is bittersweet. The hunt is on for something smaller...

Wednesday 7-19-17 Susan Brobst '60 regarding the Mini ..."It was such fun!  Thanks, for arranging this."

Jim Hall '62, said about where to hold the next Mini,"You had asked in the comments section about a place to have the next "mini" that is becoming a "maxi". Tom Smith gave one suggestion if having something at Dogwood park with a carry-in type of picnic. That is a good idea, but another possibility is that we could rent the community building at Hawthorn Park in Porter and do the same thing. The only draw back to either of those options is there is no alcohol at either venue. Something to consider. I do know the rental on the Hawthorn Park building is $300.00. We are having our 55th there this September.

Tuesday 7-18-17 Johnny Dresh'60 about the team in the photo contest " Best basketball team ever at CHS!"

Monday 7-17-17 Kirk Wiebe '63 "These new pages are nice!"

Saturday 7-15-17 Tom Smith '61 "It (Mini) was a great turnout for the Mini 2017. Nice to see everybody. We could have a carry in picnic at one of
the shelters at Dogwood Park in an afternoon for a change."

Friday 7-14-17 Sandra Sovich Olson '61 "I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend the Mini. I was in thehospital because of low blood sugar, but had planned to come."

Joe Drozda '61"Next year, for the Mini, we need a bigger more private room, perhaps with a PA system so we can do announcements and have some people talk. Any ideas?"

Thursday 7-13-17Jim Hall '62"Had a great time at the Mini seeing and talking to some old friends and classmates, some of whom I haven't seen since high school."

Wednesday 7-12-17Cherry  Gunnerson Williams '61 "The class of 61 looks great! Wish I had been able to join you at the Mini!"

Thomas Hunt about the Mini photos "Very nice! What a good looking group of above grounders. Every day above ground is a good day!"

Rosie Aaron '64 "Would have liked to come to the Mini, however not around 4th of July Holiday...Looks like you had a great turnout..."

Gordon Michaels '56 "What a great night (Mini) with old friends. Can't wait till next year. Thanks!"

Jim Kozy '59 "Great mini!"

Chase Magnuson '61"Looks as if you put on a Hell’a of a party at the Mini.  Sorry to have missed it but move to CA is a little overwhelming!"

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