Chesterton High School 2018 Mini Reunion will be Monday, July 9 at Gelsosomo's Pizzaria and Pub in Chesterton.

The CHS 2018 Mini Reunion is an event held annually. We generally have people who have graduated from CHS in the 1950s and 1960s. Below are two links. One is to volunteer and the other takes you to the 2017 Mini.

Other events so far:

Golf Outing at The Brassie Club Monday July 9 at 9am Central Time click golf below to let us know if you'd like to play.

Reunionion at 6PM at Gelsosomo's

43 People Planning to attend so far:

Class of 1955 Gordon Michael

Class of 1957 Marcia Hyde Gaston, Al Gaston, Sharon Cunningham, Gwen and Ollie Dille, Roy and Zella Olson

Class of 1958 Ronald Wycoff, Janet and Paul Wallin

Class of 1960 Johnny Dresh, Jim Thoesen, John Pethe, Susan Brobst, Les Babcock

Class of 1961 George and Rachael Hass, Joe Drozda, Betty Summers Bennett, Mike Anton, Bob Petersen, Ron Bishop, Ruth Holdren Holst, Bob Kremke, James "Chico" Navaro, Susie Lobsiger Blum and Joel Blum, Susan Voegtle Wallsworth,Tom Smith, Pam Tavernier Babcock

Class of 1962 Jim Hall, Susan Stavropoulos Keiser and John Keiser

Class of 1963 Kathy Wiesemann, Pat Holdren Johnson , David Shepard

Class of 1964 William Childers, Jim McGroarty, Pam Morgan Welker, Mary Ann Brown Jordan

Class of 1966 Sue Smith Collins, Carol Kaiser Shepard, Pat Hauber Tharp

Click here to tell us you are planning to attend.

Click the Register Tile below to let us know if you plan to attend. Click Golf if you want to discover more about golf. We have a photo gallery at the Past Minis tile. And click the Volunteer tab to help in some way to recruit more people from your graduating class to attend.

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