Chesterton High School Photo Contest

Posted 10-19 Name the three soccer players and name the two streets (one E-W ansd one N-S) visible in the background.

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Posted 10-6-17 Name these four girls. won by Frances Howes Hancock'61 with the answer of Karen Kieldsen, Carolyn Dille, Maryjo Daley,
Patty Rink.


Posted 9-30 -17 Name the person with the crown, what is the occasion, and where is the photo taken? Won by Petra Manning Steele '61 with Ruth Vedell at Atlas Roller Rink crowned Queen of the Miss Chesterton pagent at the Chesterton Centennial.

Posted 9-22-17 Name these classmates and tell where this photo is taken. Won by Allen Ramey with Jerry Weltzin, Ken Kubic, Allan Bates, George Hass

sPosted 9-16-17 Name the four business shown with their names covered. Won by Tom Smith with Barbara's Pastry Shop, Leslie Pratt Fashons for Men, Ben Franklin dime store and Aron Koke and coffee Shop.

Posted 9-9-17 Name the two people in this photo. What was their connection? What was the name of the business in whic this photograph was taken. Won by Fran Howes Hancock '61. This is Betty Parange of Betty Prange's Casuals with her daughter Christina.


Posted 8-26-17 Name thse four people you may have seen in Chesterton and tell their profession. This coantest was answered correctly by Renee Nallenweg Winther as Warren Canright, Cleon Muscrave, Warren Canright, and Ray Nicholson. Warren R. Canright owned the Chesterton Tribune, Cleon was a maintenence engeneer at CHS, Warren H, Canright ran the Tribune until his death in 2014 and Ray was also a maintenence engeneer at CHS.

Posted 8-5-17 Name these three gentelmen we would have seen, at least in photos and in Chesterton. Won by Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 with answers of Charles Brickner (CHS Janitor) Charlie Halleck (US Rep. 2nd District) and Ed Dannielson (CHS Janitor).


Posted 7-28-17 Name these three people and name the classmate in the photo. Won by Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 with the answer Mrs. Summers, (photo) Allan Weidel, Marilyn Carlson and Dian Melling.

Posted 7-21-17 Name these four classmates. Why are they grouped for this photo? Won by Renee Nallenweg Winther'61 with Jack Arvidson,Susan Davis,Dick Parker & Johnny Dresh-7th grade class officers.

Posted 7-14-17

Name the people on this photo and tell what the trophies are for. Won by John Dresh '60 with Evar Edquist,Dave Coombs,Bob Wozniak,Don Chaplin,Bill Blake,Al Jensen,Bruce Bassett,Ron Mitchell,Warren Ormiston,Bob Jones &  Bob Westergren- Best basketball team ever at CHS. Porter County Tournament & (IHSAA) Valparaiso Sectional, and Holiday Tourney.

Posted 6-30-17 Name these people and tell us what they were famous for from 1956 through 1960. There are four photos and five years, so one photo counts twice. Won by Fran Howes Hancock '61. Her answer was that each artist had the top record on the Billboard Magazine chart for a year. Elvis for '56 and '57, Domenico Modugno '58, Johnny Horton '59 and Percy Faith '60.