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This is VMI and again Renee guessed it.

What college is pictured here? . Won by Renee in Indiana with Northwestern University.


What is this building at what college? It's Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. The name was ansawered correctly by Renee in Indiana.

Name this college and its city and its body of water. Won again by Renee in Indiana. The answer is The University of Washington stadium on Lake Washington, in Seattle.

Name this establishment. Renee from Indy got this. It is Mory's at Yale. Famous from the Whiffinpoof Song.

Name this college. Won by Renee of Indiana with Army - West Point.


Won by Hiram Walker of Kentucky with the answer Annenberg Hall at Harvard.

Won By Renee from Indiana

Name this college won by Johnny from Michigan- Pitt or the university of Pittsburgh.

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